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Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Mardi Gras Business Expo

Mardi Gras Business ExpoMary Ellen just returned from the Wis Rapids Chamber’s Mardi Gras Business Expo. The event was great — met a lot of new people from the Wis Rapids business community. We sold a few books, had some cajun food and just had a wonderful afternoon. Thanks to the Ridges Golf Club for hosting the event, and to all the staff at the WRCC. And, especially, thanks to all the Wisconsin Rapids residents who showed up to support our local businesses.


About MaryEllensBooks

Greetings. I'm a native New Yorker from Queens Village. I graduated from Jamaica High School and then attended Suffolk County Community College on Long Island. I spent 15 years in nursing, both in New York and in Florida. I am semi-retired, and currently live in Wisconsin Rapis, Wisconsin. I enjoy writing, poetry, and listening to music. As a history enthusiast -- my love for history has inspired much of my writing. My first novella -- STOLEN LIVES -- was inspired by my curiosity with The Prohibition Era in Chicago; most notably the St Valentine's Day Massacre.

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