A NEW SECTION FOR THE WEB PAGE  —-  Starting today, we’ll have a new section to our website:  A listing of some of our favorite songs from the 1920’s.  Our first five songs for the “1920’s Soundtrack” :

1.  STUMBLING, By The Benny Kreuger Orchestra

2. THE CHARLESTON, By James P. Johnson

3. WE’RE IN THE MONEY, from the film Golddiggers of 1933 

(Okay – this one’s actually from the 30s; but hey, we get to make up the rules, so we’re allowed to stretch the rules.  Kapish)

4.  HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL, By The California Ramblers

5. LET’S MISBEHAVE, By Cole Porter

Sometime in January or February, we’ll be hosting our Book Release/Roaring 20s party at Club Forest in Plover (please see link under Friends).  Our favorite DJ, Barb Rihm (Dreamscape Karaoke) will be playing music from the prohibition era at the party.  In addition to 1920’s music, guests will be dressed in period costume (gangsters and flappers).  It will be a great time.

Please plan on joining us there, and in the meantime, check out the songs.


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