Chicago.  The 1920s.  A time of Prohibition and gangsters.  The Volstead Act was just passed the previous year, forbidding the manufacturing, selling, delivery, or any attempts to furnish intoxicating liquor.  However, there were many who chose to ignore this law.  Chicago was a hotbed of bootleggers and mobsters.  From the start, it was a society that was addicted to vice, pain, and pleasure.  It crushed ideas and beliefs, and made certain people contemptible and their destruction desireable.  Gangsters and thugs ruled with an iron hand, as the nation reached a transformative moment.  Stolen Lives is a riveting story of ruthless ambition, greed, violence, and a twisted sense of justice.  The men who ran this town were above morality and beyond reproach, ready to kill anyone who got in their way.  There was a constant fight for power between rival gangs.  They played for keeps.  Follow the story of three desperate people, caught in a dangerous web of love, betrayal, and revenge during those incredible years known as the “Roaring 20s.”

6 responses to “HOME

  1. Mary Ellen Lisciandra puts the “ROAR” in the “Roaring ’20s!”

  2. After much hard work, we’ve finally got our website online. Please leave me any suggestions or comments you might have on how to make our website more enjoyable and appealing.

  3. Great job, Matt and Mary Ellen! Looks great!

  4. Barbara Ann Rihm ⋅

    Awesome site here. Love the book & i8llustrations (by me) LOL
    all the best to you with your career as “the gansta” author. Love you guys (-o:

  5. Rita Marshal ⋅

    Great read. Looking forward to sequel.

  6. Looking forward to seeing all my friends at the book signing this weekend

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