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The summer has been very busy.  We visited both Milwaukee and Chicago.

Both cities were great.  In Chicago, we visited the site of the SVDM, the Biograph, the Holy Name Cathedral, the Green Mill, the original John Barleycorn’s Pub (where Dillinger hung out), and the Red Lion Pub (where Al Capone used to hang out).  After visiting all these places on our own; we went on one of the best tours — The Untouchables Gangster Tour.  The bus tour was led by “Southside” and “Sloup” and they were both informative and entertaining.  The tour was great and we highly recommend it.  Check out their website in our LINKS.

In Milwaukee, we also visited many of the gangster haunts, most notably the Holy Cross Cemetery (where Frank Balistieri was laid to rest); the Shorecrest Hotel (home to one of Balistieri’s favorite bars — Snugs); and the Historic Third Ward area, which was the predominantly Italian neighborhood in Milwaukee in the 20’s and 30s.

The Milwaukee trip also gave us a chance to visit a lot of the streets and buildings that we’re using in the upcoming book, JOHNNY RICO.

We’ve been working hard over the past 6 months on the second book.  JOHNNY RICO will be the sequel to STOLEN LIVES, and should be the second in the trilogy.  (Hopefully, 2015 will see the third — MEAN STREETS come to fruition.)  Meanwhile, we’re hoping to have the second one finished before the end of the year.

BOOK SIGNING NEWS:  We’ll be doing a book signing at BOOK WORLD in Sturgeon Bay (in Door County) on Saturday, September 27, from 1:00 to 3:00PM.  If you’re in Wisconsin, and you can make it to Door County this weekend; we’d love to see you.

Take care, all you’se wiseguys, molls and flappers.

– – mary ellen


About MaryEllensBooks

Greetings. I'm a native New Yorker from Queens Village. I graduated from Jamaica High School and then attended Suffolk County Community College on Long Island. I spent 15 years in nursing, both in New York and in Florida. I am semi-retired, and currently live in Wisconsin Rapis, Wisconsin. I enjoy writing, poetry, and listening to music. As a history enthusiast -- my love for history has inspired much of my writing. My first novella -- STOLEN LIVES -- was inspired by my curiosity with The Prohibition Era in Chicago; most notably the St Valentine's Day Massacre.

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