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Hey all you’se flappers and gangsters. March has been a good month, so far — even though we may have to send Bucky the Wisconsin Badger to Pennsylvania to pay a call on that Punxsutawney Phil gopher or hedgehog or whatever he is. We’re not too happy with that groundhog — Last Wednesday was supposedly the first day of Spring; and so far, we haven’t seen the mercury rise above 30 degrees. Some spring, huh?
We had our book signing at Stevens Point a couple weeks ago and did alright. The Book World in Point now has STOLEN LIVES in stock — and they even have a couple signed copies.
Then, we went back to Point for a “Solar Speakeasy” party put on by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. This morning, thanks to our good friend Aimee Wetmore (of the MREA), we went back to Point to pick up a gift from that organization: Aimee arranged for us to get these plywood cut-outs that they had used as decorations for the party. One of them is a very cool-looking silhouette of a gangster, which we will be able to use at future events. Thanks Aimee. Please check out the MREA website under our friends.
And, speaking of friends — please note we’ve added two more links to our “Friends”: Polito’s Pizza and Florida Gulf Coast University. We went to the new Polito’s location here in Rapids, and it was really good New York Style Pizza. Mary Ellen is from New York — so she KNOWS NY Pizza. Also, we’ve been following the NCAA tournament, and we’ve adopted a new favorite team (even though, being here in Wisconsin, we should be Marquette fans). Mary Ellen spent a few years in Venice Beach, Florida, and she lived a few miles from Fort Myers, home of the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles, so we’ve added FGCU to our Friends. Wishing the boys from Fort Myers all the best in their coming games. GO EAGLES.
Other big news — as of last week, STOLEN LIVES is available on Kindle. So, if you have access to Kindle, please download the book. Thanks.
Wishing all our friends a very Blessed Easter and Passover. Hopefully Spring WILL get here soon.
See you’se next month.


About MaryEllensBooks

Greetings. I'm a native New Yorker from Queens Village. I graduated from Jamaica High School and then attended Suffolk County Community College on Long Island. I spent 15 years in nursing, both in New York and in Florida. I am semi-retired, and currently live in Wisconsin Rapis, Wisconsin. I enjoy writing, poetry, and listening to music. As a history enthusiast -- my love for history has inspired much of my writing. My first novella -- STOLEN LIVES -- was inspired by my curiosity with The Prohibition Era in Chicago; most notably the St Valentine's Day Massacre.

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