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ROARING 20s PARTYThanks to everyone who came out to Club Forest Friday night for the Roaring ’20s/Book Release party. It was a “Roaring” success. Special thanks to Robin & Barb for the DJ work. Thanks to Red and the staff at Club Forest. Thanks to the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune and The Voice of Wisconsin Rapids for the publicity (and to those reporters who came out to share in the fun). And thanks to Kevin at Rogers Cinema for the “Gangster Squad” poster, Michelle at Party Time Cakes for the excellent job on the “Book Cake,” and Ellen at Wisconsin Rapids Community Theatre for helping me and Matthew with our costumes.

And, of course, the party would not have been a success without all of you brave souls who came out — despite the cold, snowy weather. Congrats to all who won prizes.

Again, it was a great evening. The music, the dance contest, costume contests, the cake, the trivia contests — it was wonderful. Hope to be doing another Roaring ’20s party in Milwaukee and/or Chicago sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, we’re planning a book-signing tour. We should be hitting Stevens Point, Marshfield, Wausau, and several other places in Wisconsin very soon.

Stay tuned for details . . .


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Greetings. I'm a native New Yorker from Queens Village. I graduated from Jamaica High School and then attended Suffolk County Community College on Long Island. I spent 15 years in nursing, both in New York and in Florida. I am semi-retired, and currently live in Wisconsin Rapis, Wisconsin. I enjoy writing, poetry, and listening to music. As a history enthusiast -- my love for history has inspired much of my writing. My first novella -- STOLEN LIVES -- was inspired by my curiosity with The Prohibition Era in Chicago; most notably the St Valentine's Day Massacre.

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