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At this special time of year, we would like to wish all our friends a very joyous Holiday Season.  We wish everyone peace and happiness at Christmas Time and all throughout the coming New Year.  Peace is the one thing that this world truly needs.  May 2013 bring you prosperity, happiness, and good health.

Our goals for the coming year are to get STOLEN LIVES on Kindle and Nook, and maybe get the book formatted for a braille edition or audio book for the visually impaired; and to market the book through many more book signings throughout our great state of Wisconsin, throughout the Mid-West, and eventually into other areas of the country.

Again, we are hoping to hold our Roaring ’20s/Book Release Party at Club Forest in Plover sometime in January or February.  We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your patronage.




About MaryEllensBooks

Greetings. I'm a native New Yorker from Queens Village. I graduated from Jamaica High School and then attended Suffolk County Community College on Long Island. I spent 15 years in nursing, both in New York and in Florida. I am semi-retired, and currently live in Wisconsin Rapis, Wisconsin. I enjoy writing, poetry, and listening to music. As a history enthusiast -- my love for history has inspired much of my writing. My first novella -- STOLEN LIVES -- was inspired by my curiosity with The Prohibition Era in Chicago; most notably the St Valentine's Day Massacre.

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